Sunday, May 29, 2011

A piñata of flavour

Wandered into Kensington Market this afternoon on my way to grab a cuppa joe but realized soon enough that it was festival sunday in the market. It worked out well because I noticed that Francisco Alejandri had set up a stall in the alley outside his indescript spot "Agave & Aguacate".  I got to try the Tingo tostada which was sooo good, a light flakey tostada with beans, pulled chicken, avacado and salsa. I didn't stop there... I also tried the lime Charlotte, grated on site with lime and then drizzled with olive oil, yes folks olive oil! it definitely added to the flavour explosion that was going on in my mouth. I found the care and attention Francisco and his assistant put into each serving was a beautiful thing to watch. I felt like I was being plated by a top notch restaurant but here I was, in an alley in the Kensington hood! the context was PERFECT!!!
images from BlogTo, see more on Agave & Aguacate here