Monday, June 25, 2012

I got the Bitossi Blues.

Bitossi ashtray and matching trinket box. Photo by ©J.Dias

Italian mid-century pottery. Photo by ©J.Dias

Charles Sucsan mid-century tile. Photo by ©J.Dias

Had a great day of finds at the vintage market yesterday. I love Bitossi and ashtrays, so finding a Bitossi ashtray was a score! I had to adopt the matching little trinket box as well, also in Rimini blue, it would be a sad thing to break up the happy pair. I was very happy to find these pieces because I've had Italian pottery on the brain lately but don't often come across much of it. The same dealer had the great goblet/bowl (2nd pic) also italian, isn't it stunning. The 3rd pick is also mid-century but this time it's by Canadian (Quebec) artist Charles Sucsan. It had a crack repair on the tile but that didn't matter to me because it's a wonderful little piece and heck it was a no brainer at a whopping $2!!! When I got home I googled Charles Sucsan and was very impressed by his oeuvre of work. I'm especially fond of his pieces from the 60's and 70's. I also spotted some of his work on First Dibs and a few other sites online. Check out some of my favourite pieces on the Catalogue Gazette site here

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