Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Junction Flea.

Checked out the Junction Flea market this Sunday and it was GREAT!
I'm a very happy chap when I find a lot of things I like in one place - vintage, artisans, great coffee/treats, and good vibes. This is just the kind of community driven event that Toronto needs more of.

damn, I wish I bought this.. 

 I love these little jars with plants, rocks and lichen in them 

Didn't mean to get the dude on the right in the pic but it's perfect!

You can even get your fortune read, in a gypsy caravan :) 

wanted to try Manual Labour's coffee but the machine was temporarily down :(

They also served tea through this neat filtering thingie, cool or what!

cute little guys from 1% talent 

The icing on the cake that made my day was that they had a West Indian booth that served doubles!!! whaaa!!! nough' said!

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