Friday, January 21, 2011

Toy Culture

Dunny's are not as popular as they used to be but I still love these little guys. Cute and whimsical and also provocative and twisted -  that's how I like my toys. The latest release in the Dunny series is Azteca 2 which features many artists from Mexico, of which Saner's "Sicarii" has to be my favourite.
Here's how Saner describes his inspiration for the  "Sicarii" Dunny: "The sicarii (man-dagger) is inspired in the violence that's affecting Mexico right now, and the war between drug cartels and government. The way we are losing control of our territory is without doubt, one of the main problems that we are facing as a country, and with this piece, I try to portray exactly that, but in a funny way. Death coming from a hit man, is now part of a cultural element: power, revenge, fear, respect, lidership, hate...on that, everything seems to be blending." (as featured on Saner's blog)
Check out Kidrobot's microsite to see the other Dunnys from this release.

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