Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seen. Tasted. and Like.

image from the Kettlebrand site

Usually I crave something sweet but this evening it was savoury and crunch! as I came down the escalator at  Whole Foods my radar immediately picked up on the Kettle Chips display. THEY ARE BAKED FOLKS!!! yes that means they are better for you than regular chips. This also means it's lower in fat but better yet - no preservatives and nothing artificial. Lately I don't care too much about the low fat part but I am looking for snack foods that have fewer to no preservatives. When I was in Europe this past summer I found it easier to find low preservative choices.Whole Foods has a special on them right now so I bought two bags, the aged white cheddar which I loved, and Salt and fresh ground pepper which I can't wait to try. These chips taste AWESOME! This is my recommend this week folks, ENJOY!

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