Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christie Antique Fair

My friend Betsy and I check out the outdoor Christie Antiques Show twice a year. Even though it's not that far out of Toronto we often get lost somehow, and today in classic style, we managed to do it again! Eventually we did find our way and let me tell you "it was great!" sunny skies, perfect climate, and even my allergies (which have been dreadful this year) were almost non-existent. The show itself is always a treat with so many beautiful things, my inner magpie was definitely in over-drive. There is something so wonderful about discovering an object and it's particular place in history. This time I left wanting to know more about German mid-century pottery, Hudson Bay Blankets, and even more about tramp art. My biggest challenge has, and might always be, not coveting everything I become enamoured with. I LOVE VINTAGE!

photo's by J. Dias

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