Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's A Mid-Century Kinda Summer

Even while on vacation up in cottage country I managed to find some Mid-Century love.

First up a Rostrand leaf dish, probably 60's, cool eh?

Next up, this gorgeous large Finish bowl, I HEART!

My favourite part is the base which has crystal facets (see below) The gem facet trend has been so hot the last few years but the Finns were making that cool shit way back in the day! 

Item # 3 are these two modernist glass bowls. You have to see this one in the 360 to truly appreciate it's awesomeness.

I also picked up this Dansk piece. The dealer was convinced it's a ring holder but when I told him that I'm pretty sure it's a candleholder for special hollow based candles he told me he wished he didn't sell the other one he had, I coulda had a pair gosh darn it. 
Isn't it neat that companies like Dansk were really into design with a capital 'D'

And last but not least is this sweet little bud vase from Rosenthal, a nice addition to my West German porcelain collection. 
all photos by ©J.Dias

Great finds, all gravy on what was already a wonderful holiday! oh and all that swag cost me a whopping $45 total, he shoots!!! he SCOREZZZZ!!!

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