Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grace + James = baby Janelle

I saw Janelle Monàe perform tonight as part of Canadian Music week and SHE WAS FANTASTIC! I've thought of Janelle as talented but somehow an affectation of what had come before her i.e. James Brown, Grace Jones, Outkast etc, however my opinion has changed after seeing her perform live. Although you can see her influences she is definitely an artist and committed performer. I'm very impressed by her ability to truly give 100% to her performance. Unlike most young performers who are in it for the fame, Janelle truly embodies the art of performance and entertainment. Highlights of the evening were her acapella performace of Smile, and her encore in which she body surfed right up to where I was standing, which was a third of the way out from the stage. I even got to give her arm a boost! you go girl!!! get on the TIGHT ROPE.

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