Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Love One Love.

So every Thursday is my vegetarian day, for me that means no meat, no eggs in anything. This is something I've been doing for years now and it's my small way of proving to myself that even I can be somewhat disciplined. I often find veggie food from restaurants or takeouts either too fatty, too bland, or just too expensive. Today I dropped into One Love Vegetarian Cafe near the corner of Bloor/Bathurst (in Toronto, Canada) and I gotta say, the food satisfied my soul!
I tried the corn soup starter and a whole wheat roti with spiced pumpkin filling, all for $8 bucks. I'm a bit of a roti expert so I gotta say that I've never tasted one quite like this. It was a fresh, flakey paratha roti but instead of the usual white flour it was whole wheat, bonus! and the pumpkin filling was the perfect remedy for a cold, wintery day. I was coming off a tough day at work but this little piece of heaven in a meal made everything all better. Thank you Universe!
Image from BlogTo, Check out their review of One Love Vegetarian here.

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