Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Complicated matters.

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It's called "The Deposition" but it isn't quite a Deposition, or a Pietà, or a Lamentation, or even an Entombment scene for that matter. That's what makes this a great painting!
Jacopo Pontormo was a definitely a departure from artist's like Raphael (who's stunning Entombment is shown below). Like many Mannerist painters he made difficult paintings that challenged what the viewer knew of common religious and mythological themes. This piece resides in the Capella Capponi in (blink and you will miss it) Santa Felicità church in Florence. It's definitely worth seeing in person! a human BEING made this somewhere between 1526-1528 folks... although like many masters I'm pretty sure he was from the FUTURE ;)

image found here

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