Friday, November 4, 2011

Portable Art.

So many beautiful things, so little wall space. Although I do rotate my art collection around my home I find there are still quite a few pieces that haven't been displayed yet. This sad fact is partially due to a lack of wall space but mostly because the pieces aren't framed yet. As you might know, finding the right frame can be tricky stuff, not to mention expensive business.
This week I began photographing and recording the measurements of each piece. It's on my IPhone, this way I can easily reference my inventory when I come across a great frame or display idea. Plus, having these pics on hand is another way of accessing these works that were hidden away in boxes and drawers whenever I choose. It's like my own little portable curated gallery. The pieces below are from my adventures in Italy, they are mostly works on paper which made it easier to pack away when I was travelling.

Hearts from the pages of medical illustration books from the University of Bologna 1840's

Apollo and Daphne print - Rome

a. Assorted vintage italian letters and postcards - Rome
b. Two vintage italian operas booklets - Florence

photos by ©J.Dias

I'll post more pics in future posts, Happy Weekend!

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