Sunday, November 27, 2011

Culinary Christmas Wish List

1. Ottolenghi The Cookbook found on Amazon
2. Diptyque Firewood candle
3. Cuisinart green hand mixer found on Amazon
4. Crate and Barrel mini cast iron skillet
5. Nepresso Pixie coffeemaker
6. Williams Sonoma offset icing spatula
7. Crate and Barrel pastry blender
8. Crate and Barrel Le Creuset green spatula

Since I've started learning how to cook, all thanks to my awesome friends/master chefs, I've become interested in all things kitchen related. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have any intention of becoming a culinary guru who's lives to cook precious things, I'm just looking to take my new found inspiration and the tips/learnings from my friends to build a well equipped kitchen.
Well okay so I don't need the $90 Diptyque candle to get the ball rolling, or the (BEAUTIFUL!!!) Nepresso Pixie coffeemaker but what the heck! inspiration is fuel!!!
So here's my Christmas wish list, one that I hope to fill myself.  I love buying myself presents, I ask you folks is that so wrong???

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