Friday, January 6, 2012

Style Mojo!

image via theurbangent

I hate to admit out loud but off late I've gotten caught up in the monotony of routine and I make very little effort to dress well. I'd like to blame in on the very (very) tiny closets in my new place but that's not a good enough excuse. So this year one of my goals is to shape up and reconcile my inner fashionisto with the outer me. Simply put - when it comes to dressing well everyday I gotta pull it together!
At the risk of turning into a Dandy I'm fallen for tweed and pocket squares. I've always had an appreciation for classic men's tailoring, so I've decided to refine my personal style by adapting elements of mens suiting into my everyday wardrobe. I'm well aware that I could fall into the trap of looking overly affected, trendy, goofy, or worse 'costumey' but I think with a little research, shopping around, and careful consideration I should be able to pull it off authentically.
Here's a little sample of how I would LOVE to dress every frickin' day!!! 

image via the awesome Guerreisms site

Do you have any men's style icons you look up to, contemporary or otherwise?

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