Monday, January 9, 2012

Bread and Butter

I don't have a six pack because I love bread too much, and I'm (almost) okay with it!

video from the Toronto Standard

And what goes better with bread than butter. I kinda laugh because when I was a kid and would get hungry my Mom would say "just have some bread and butter" but I'd suck out and complain for 'real food', but now I LOVE me some B&B. The butter, actually dairy in general, in Europe is wayyyy tastier than the stuff we get here. For that good French butter taste Little Brown Pen blog recommends this one which is available at Whole Foods, but I checked at the Toronto location and couldn't find it.


  1. do to some arcane reason the laws in Canada are super strict when it comes to butter... And I agree most of the butter we get here is blah at best.

    Here is a post of mine from a while back lementing the same thing. Honestly the PC Normandy Butter was pretty good, and I think the Cheese Boutique gets some good stuff in from time to time, one from a creamery near Ottawa I beleive.

  2. Forgot the URL!

  3. Manny, that's funny you posted about wanting good butter. While in Italy our favourite thing to do, besides art stuff, was shopping for groceries. I'm not a foodie I just like what I like. I really miss the diary.
    Good to know about Normandy Butter, gotta get some soon.