Sunday, January 15, 2012

Text based ART.

Being a Graphic Designer by profession one would think that I would respond to text based art, but in reality I rarely ever do. Most of it seems either dated, literal, annoyingly ironic and often plain old tacky. David Kramer's art however is one of the exceptions. When I first saw his stuff I kinda dismissed it as bad hipster art, I mean c'mon - crude drawing works on paper, referencing vintage, ironic text.....blah..blah...blah... However, upon further inspection I found that there is something so honest, artful and relevant in his telling of the 'American Dream' that I had to admit I truly enjoyed engaging with it. So my gut tells me this guy's the real deal! I felt lucky that I chanced upon his work in a group show at Katherine Mulherin Gallery Tropic of Capricorn show in Toronto this past weekend. You check it out and decide.

image via David Kramer's Toothless alcoholic blog

image via Art Splash

image via Art Splash

image via Art Splash

image via C Wow

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