Friday, February 25, 2011

All Grown up and Dignified.

I'm discovering that my personal style for home décor has evolved into a taste for the classic, elegant and opulent. That's sounds a bit show-offey but I truly don't mean to come across that way. It's just that there are so many contemporary trends out there showcasing combinations of the same stuff, over and over again, and so much of it is embarrassingly cliché. There's something special about filling a room with very fine things that have been acquired over time, instead of building a Pop-Up Shop home. When I look at the image below I feel inspired to learn more so that I may develop and cultivate my sense of style. Ultimately I want to live in a home that is a true reflection of who I am.
I understand that having taste is one thing and the ability to afford the finer things is another - so for now it's "look, can't buy". Who knows maybe one day.....

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