Sunday, February 13, 2011

I HEART carbs and cheese!

One of the best things about living in a city like Toronto is that one has access to great food at a good price. My favourite pizzeria in the city without a doubt is Pizzeria Libretto! Last night a good friend and I sampled their Prix Fixe dinner and it was soooo goooooddddd!!!
The meal included an Antipasto of Bruschetta (the chef's special creation), Caprese Salad with loads of Bocconcini (my friend ordered the potato croquettes), any pizza of our choice(we tried both the Sausage and the Eggplant), and THE MOST AMAZING DESERT I've had in a long time - a lemon curd Panna Cotta topped with pistachios (my friend ordered the Tiramisu which was also very good). If you live in Toronto or plan on visiting then I high recommend Libretto and their prix fix dinner option, at $25 it's the best value in town!
p.s. if your friend(s) also order the prix fixe you all get to sample each others choices, now that's liberation!

image from blogto review of Pizzeria Libretto

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