Monday, October 10, 2011

A Class Act.

©Photo by J. Dias

When I grow up I want to be Bryan Ferry! I saw him in concert this past weekend and it was quite the show. The dude is 66 folks, that's SIXTY SIX YEARS OLD PEOPLE!!!! and still oozes style and good taste. There were twelve people on stage including a phenomenal band, back-up singers and two drop dead sexay go-go dancers, it was quite the visual feast. These days many lackluster so called 'musicians' mask their live performances with lip-syncing and spectacle, so for me it was a beautiful and moving thing to witness a real artist/musician deliver such a refined, well produced performance. Oh, and folks as a bonus I discovered that he art directed KATE YOUR-SO-AWESOME-MOSS for his album cover (in true Bryan Ferry style might I add)

Photographer: Adam Whitehead

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