Monday, October 3, 2011

Talking Shop.

Being a home owner requires a certain amount of handyman skills, something I've always been a little bit (..well maybe a lot) intimidated by. It's funny but I still think twice before hammering a nail in the wall, "what if I do it wrong???". Out of necessity I've tackled a few things around the house and actually proved that I can do it. Simple logic and asking the right questions at the hardware store can prove quite useful. So this fall I've taken the next step and registered in a night school home maintenance and repair course.
So here I am, back in high school but this time I get to be one of the guys in "Shop class" (I was always more of an art geek). It's so funny how we limit ourselves and let fear get in the way of our potential. Sometimes you just gotta push through and GET ER' DONE!
(My shop class look like it's right outta the last mid century, I had to bust out the Instagram!)

©Photos by J.Dias

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