Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

©photo by J.Dias

Had a little time before meeting up with friends so I decided to spend it at the thrift store.
Got a bag of vintage ornaments and tinsel tree for $1 and change!!!
This sweet Santa was my fav!
So what are you wishing for this Christmas? I love gift giving but as I've gotten older I don't really think about what I want. That is till I saw this yesterday...

image via Klein Reid

Although I'm not a huge fan of gem inspired accessories I love this piece.
There are a few other things from Klien Reid that I love as well, like their Prime collection. The pieces are hand painted and come perched on a hand turned walnut base. I especially LOVE the striped version (shown below).

image via Klein Reid

So come on Santa!!! work yer magic!!!

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