Friday, December 30, 2011

Best part(s) of my day!

Things that put a smile on my face today.
Gotta warn you, I used a lot of well deserved exclaimations, and I mean everyone!

1. My good friends came by for breakfast and brought a yummy homemade Bulgarian dish, Banitza! it's pure egg and ricotta heaven, and it's fairly healthy too.

photo by ©J.Dias

2. Scored three pairs of Happy Socks for $6 each at a sample sale that I came across while loitering, yay!

photo by ©J.Dias

3. Saw this awesome packaging for vintage whiskey cocktail glasses, so awesome!! I wanted to buy it but I held true to my 'shoot don't buy everything I love' policy.

 photo by ©J.Dias

4. Tried an amazing Almond croissant at Nadge, a great bakery in Toronto. The second best one I've EVER had!

 photo by ©J.Dias

5. Dropped into the Art Gallery of Toronto's bookstore and flipped through the Cecil Beaton: The New York Years book. Soooo good! especially loved this photograph. It was taken in the 1920's people!!! staggering!

 photo by ©J.Dias

6. Ended my evening with a good friend at Woodlot restaurant. I tried the gratin potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes for apps, and for the main - best pork chop ever! Wow! Sorry don't have a pic for this one, I was too busy chowing down.

When I look back, WOW! a great day was had!

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