Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fantin's flowers.

images via wikpaintings

My last post was guns! today I'm posting flowers! weird I know but while I was at the antique market this morning I came across a book on Fantin Latour.  It's somewhat difficult to find books on him although he's pretty well known. A few years back I did manage to find a catalogue from a retrospective show but I had to order it online from a museum in Europe. So I was very happy to find this one, and for a mere 3 bucks!
No one, and I mean NO ONE!!! paints still life flowers like Fantin Latour. His colour palate is so refined, his compositions pure exquisiteness, and his brush strokes effortless. He is A MASTER!
Check out this excellent Wikipaintings link to see what I'm talking about, it's an excellent resource.

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