Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pyrex loves the Amish!

I don't collect Pyrex but when I came across two little vintage Amish Butterprint Dishes it was love at first sight. What's great about collecting vintage Pyrex is that it displays well as a collection and is also very functional. 

The two little containers perched above the larger one is what I found today at The Goodwill.
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Years ago I found a Canadian made Pyrex Corning dish in the Spring Blossom pattern in a content sale. It was in it's original green packaging complete with instructions (similar to the one shown below).
I have yet to use it...

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  1. Katherine loves Pyrex, and Amish butter print is her fav. We have the set of bowls but she is always on the look out for more. Nice find!

  2. I missed out on a great original painting at GW but was happy to come away with this.