Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finn perfection.

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Finnish artist Oiva Toikka, known mostly for his glass birds, designed two lines of mold blown relief kitchen glassware, Flora and Fauna. The original designs were created back in the 1960's for Nuutajärvi and continued to be produced well into the 1980's by Iittala/Arabia. The Flora line is filled with botanical plant motifs while the Fauna, my personal favourite, is full of whimsical animals and people in nature. Truly beautiful objects to behold! and what great examples of the merging of art and function in design. I am in awe of Oiva Toikka! these aren't just a bunch of flowers and animals thrown in to look pretty and sell. They are careful planned, distilled and rendered designs that are based on a particular cultural sensibility. Special attention is paid to theme, narrative, placement and tactility. Pure and essential language - that's the way ya do it folks!

Here's what I have: 

photo by ©J.Dias
Stunning Fauna glass pitcher with a beautiful clear glass handle. You have to see and feel this one to believe it's awesomeness!

photo by ©J.Dias
A large Fauna bowl for fruits or desserts like triffle!

photo by ©J.Dias
Flora salad/fruit bowl set. Reminiscent of ancient and primitive botanicals.

Oh and both lines were produced in some neat colour-ways as well.

This pic and more detail on the lines found here

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