Sunday, April 15, 2012

Smokin' hot MOD.

Picked up this wicked Mid-Century Italian bowl this weekend. The colours remind me very much of West German Lava pottery but it's still distinctly Italian somehow. Love the fire and teal combo!

Photo by ©J. Dias

Also love my large bright yellow ashtray which measures around 8.5" x 8.5" across and 2" deep. Even though I've got a warm instagram filter applied to the pic the yellow glaze is actually even brighter.

Photo by ©J. Dias

Oh and the best part...  I'm pretty sure it's Bitossi! Although it's not marked I found these two similar references online which are both listed as Bitossi for Raymor. The marking on underside of the solid red one is identical to mine:

via mid2mod blog here

via moderncraze here

And last but not least... for your viewing pleasure I give you this elegant smoky green ashtray. It's marked "Danmark" which means it was commercially produced for the domestic market.

Photo by ©J. Dias

My ashtray collection is slowing building, perhaps I should take up smoking, NOT!!! I mean I LOVE Mad Men but not quite willing to go there. 

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