Friday, March 23, 2012

Pure Junko Mizuno

Last weekend I checked out the opening of Junko Mizuno's solo exhibition "Venus Cake" at Narwhal Projects in Toronto. I'm enchanted by her playful, imaginary world of the sweet, dark and twisted. Although the show was pretty busy she was very kind to take time to draw on my little DIY Foomi, I treasure this little guy.

Images by ©J. Dias

I also met Junko when she was in town for her show "Red Tresses and Freckles" back in 2009 at Narwhal. She signed my little Pure Trance toys with such care and detail.

Images by ©J. Dias

Here's an original I own from her Gallery Nucleus show Cinderalla. It's ink and pencil on paper from a page of her graphic novel of the same title. LOVE IT!

oh I almost forgot she's done Dunnies too!!!

Needless to say, I'm a FAN!

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