Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amanda Nedham DRAWS.

The Apology 1

Death Shall Have No Dominion 1

Like Milk & Blood 1

I'm very excited that my friend Amanda's work is featured on Juxtapoz Magazine's site. She's SUPER BAD-ASS talented, VERY smart, thoughtful and all around GOOD PERSON!. She explores her keen interest in literature, historical tradition, cultural anthropology and storytelling (to name a few) to weave together and form a dialogue with mark making. She carefully considers so many elements and renders a level of detail that I can't even imagine a human hand can deliver. Yet with all of those loaded references, careful planning and arduous delivery she manages to keep her work wonderfully ambiguous and in a beautiful state of play. I cannot adequately articulate everything I feel and think when I see her work, she's just AWESOME! You can check out her work here

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    Amanda has a new solo show at Le Gallery up until April 29 2012